50000 IU Vitamin D Side Effects

50000 IU of vitamin D is an overdose which can cause serious problems. 400 IUs is the recommended dose of vitamin D by the government. However, health experts suggest quite a higher dose than this amount. Vitamin D includes both vitamins D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol). There exists a population with such diseases, which make the absorption of vitamins difficult. 50,000 IU is available in the form of the oil-filled, soft gel capsule. Normally, 50000 IU of vitamin D is recommended to those people to fulfill the vitamin D requirement. The prescribed intake of 50,000 IUs of the capsule is once a week. Besides that it can have negative side effects if taken daily.

50000 IU vitamin D side effects

Early symptoms of 50000 IU of vitamin D

50000IU vitamin D side effects

Merck manuals report that the early symptoms of 50000 IU are similar to those of overdose of vitamin D. The increased level of calcium due to megadose of D can lead to nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and loss of appetite. These are the early symptoms of vitamin D overdose. Therefore, you can ask for a modulation in your prescription.

Pain in chest, bones and muscles

It is a common symptom but when it accompanies several other symptoms then it is a side effect of overdose of vitamin D. This indicates respiratory or cardiovascular problems.

Soft tissue calcification

This symptom is an indication of life threatening ailments. This affects soft tissues in our body such as of lungs, heart, blood vessels and kidney. Whenever you have to go through this dose of supplementation, do not miss frequent tests of your body.

Abnormal behavior or mental problem

Unpredictable, irrational, dysfunctional and other abnormal behavior is noticed in a person suffering from 500000 IU vitamin D side effects.

Delayed Symptoms

These are those symptoms which a person comes across after a long time supplementation of vitamin D. Arteries and kidneys are the spots where calcium deposition occurs. If calcium stockpile in arteries then it is giving rise to a cardiovascular disease and similarly kidney stones in case of deposition in kidney. It can lead to kidney failure as well. Increased thirst and urine volume are signs of these problems.


Hyperthyroidism, sarcoidosis or cancer patients can react abnormally to a normal dose of vitamin D. Consult your doctor prior to its intake if you are suffering from any of disease.

Allergical reactions

50000 IU of D2 capsule often includes some additives and dyes which lead to several allergic reactions. Serious allergic reactions due to D2 are: hives, breathing problem, swelling of lips and dizziness.

Hypervitaminosis D

50000 IU vitamin D side effects

It is normally referred as vitamin D toxicity. Kidney impairment, calcification of renal tissue and cognitive impairment are some of the problems caused by vitamin D toxicity or overdose.

Bone Loss

Last but not the least; it is the most common 50000 IU vitamin D side effects. Regulation of calcium level in human body cannot happen without vitamin D. Its overdose such as 50000 IU capsules can lead to excess of calcium in blood due to hydroxyapatite breakdown. Hydroxyapatite is the mineral responsible for the strength of our teeth and bones. The excess of calcium in the blood leads its deficiency in bones. An appropriate dose of vitamin D can easily solve this problem.

Supplements are an integral part of a healthy life package which includes exercise, diet and other things as well. Through proper dosage of vitamin D supplementation you can easily achieve the goal of a healthy life. 50000 IU vitamin D side effects are the signs of improper dosage. This teaches us to be cautious prior to the intake of any drug or supplement. Its always recommended to consult an expert rather than getting it from a chemist’s counter.

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