Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Women

Vitamin D deficiency is accelerating with a high rate, especially in America. The elderly, the obese and the one with no sun exposure are found with this deficiency. Intake of vitamin D is necessary to get the several health benefits of vitamin D. It results in a decrease in fractures and an increase in bone density. It also reduces the chances of breast, colon and prostate cancer. Read on to know how to add years to your life.

Latest facts on vitamin D and women

vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women

  • In case of women, there is no such correlation can be drawn between cardiovascular health and vitamin D. So, this is a myth that women must intake vitamin D to secure their heart.
  • Recent study says that vitamin D supplements are safe for healthy pregnant women. This is to counteract the recent blames on vitamin supplements. Supplements are not always bad.
  • Recommended vitamin D dose for pregnant women is 600 IU (International Units) daily. It normally increases in situations like pregnancy and diseases. You must consult your doctor to get your correct vitamin D dose in an abnormal condition.
  • One of the biggest myths that girls in their twenties can never suffer with the deficiency symptoms. A fact says that bones can start a breakdown from the age of 25 if your diet does not have proper quantity of Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D deficient women with hypertension are more likely to get cardiac event than with proper amount of vitamin D with hypertension. The combination of vitamin D and hypertension produces adverse effects.

Common vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women are

  • Muscle weakness
  • Bone pain

According to survey- poor bones affect 1 in 3 women over 50 years worldwide. This is something very common and can happen to anyone who does not consider the vitamin D doses properly.

  • Fractures
  • Weight gain

Intake of proper amount of vitamin D and calcium maintains the weight of a woman in her mid 60s.

Other symptoms in women

  • depression without any reason

According to WHO, depression is one of the topmost causes of “lost years of healthy life” worldwide. Proper intake of vitamin D can cure this immediately.

  • Constant fatigue
  • Preeclampsia

It is characterized by high blood pressure, increase in protein in urine and swelling in hands and feet. Lack of vitamin D causes this disease during pregnancy.

  • mood swings
  • weakness
  • lack of concentration
  • sleep disorder
  • neurological problems
  • back pain
  • brittle bones.

Vitamin D level in women

vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women

It is very important to maintain the paramount vitamin D level in Women. Both the deficiency and overdose can prove fatal to the women health. The normal range of intake for an adult woman is 50-140 nmol/liter. Vitamin D level in women keeps changes in her lifetime. There is a huge difference in the vitamin D level in perimenopause and menopause stages. It decreases with the age. This is the main cause of acceleration in weakness in bones and several other vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women.

25(OH) D blood test is recommended for every woman.
The symptoms of any deflect from the normal vitamin D level starts with 75-250 nmol/liters. It can develop into severe problems like rickets, cancer and osteoporosis. Hip bone fracture in women is the most common outcome of deficiency of vitamin D.

With so many rules in the form of consideration above, it never meant to bind you completely in them. In addition to above mentioned vitamin D deficiency symptoms in women, you must learn to love your food, try new things and expand your palette. You never know which dish contains the right quantity of the sunshine vitamin.

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